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Because people are social creatures in their core

About our community in a nutshell

Moving to a new country is embarking on a new exiting adventure, but it also has its challanges. Leaving friends and family behind, finding your way around in a new “system”, working and living in a new culture. Many question marks you might have at the start of living in the Netherlands will eventually become clear to you. Our community Care4Talents is open for internationals that have recently moved to the Netherlands and would like to learn Dutch, meet people and understand the Dutch culture. Care4Talents is open to every international, even if you are not an employee of HighTechTalents. Join us if you are interested.

Fun meetings planned!

Because of the current corona crisis we only have online meetings planned

In ‘normal times’ this page would be filled with all kinds of activities and events, but unfortunately because
of the Corona virus we cannot bring people together. Nevertheless, we want to make our contribution as well and
we came up with the following online events,
to still be in contact with our community members.

Our community is intended for all our community members. That is why we would really like to receive input from our members.
If you have a nice and original idea for an (online) event, please let us know and mail to:

Would you like to know more about the events we planned for the coming weeks. Check out our agenda!


Let’s talk, Online Coaching program

Hi! I am Eef Armstrong, an Awakening Life Coach who recently moved to The Netherlands. Tessy (from HighTechTalents) and I have stuck our heads together to see how we can help each other through the ‘mental side’ of the corona crisis and come out stronger on the other side.

Now more than ever it is important to learn how to not let outside influences affect you personally. How to handle what life throws at you. Dire situations like this pandemic call for support and a coach who can navigate you through this difficult time. So let’s do this together. It all starts with you showing up for yourself and this event. The rest we can do as a team. I am here for you so Let’s Talk!

We are going to keep it simple and playful, either as a group but if needed one on one.

We really love to see you!

Eef & Tessy

Eef Armstrong is an Awakening Life Coach from Antigua, now living in Eindhoven. For years she has been working with clients from all walks of life to help them find their inner potential and as a result be empowered, unlimited, creative, successful and happy. Being an expat/international herself she also has a deeper understanding of what it’s like to be living in a foreign country.

4 upcoming events Let’s Talk:

Online Dutch Conversation Classes

Together with HighTechTalents and the volunteers of The Hub and of the Library in Eindhoven, we have joined forces to provide all internationals in and around Eindhoven with Online Dutch Conversation Classes.

Because we find the interaction very important, we keep our groups small, with 3 people per group (plus volunteer).

Of course we will focus on the Dutch language during these classes, but there is certainly also space to talk about the situation concerning the Covid-19.

Are you interested in participating in these Online Dutch Conversation Classes? Then sign up here!

No live meetings plannend

History of Care4Talents Community

Since the start of HighTechTalents we have always placed empahazis on the importance of social integration of our employees and their spouses. The first after our start HighTechTalents was still small, meaning we manage everything alone. After the second year we decided to create a new position: The Community Creator, responsible with the task of making sure that our employees and spouses would land well in the Netherlands and find themselves part of our family.


Want to know more about our community or do you want to participate in one of our events? Sent us an e-mail (, give us a call (085-065 3482) or send a Whatsapp. For those who are really adventures: visit us at Torenallee 45, Eindhoven.

Under normal circumstances internationals can register for our regular Dutch courses, Care4Talents community or buy Singel Event tickets. When the regulations permits small gatherings again we will open up our community.




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Dutch Lessons 

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2 hours a week Dutch lessons

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2 hours a week Dutch lessons

2 monthly sporting events

1 monthly self awarness

1 monthly formal information sessions

Subscription for 6 months