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New challenges and opportunities in a new country. We're here to help you along the way.

Moving to a new country is embarking on a new exiting adventure, but it also has its challenges. Leaving friends and family behind, finding your way around in a new “system”, working and living in a new culture. Many questions you might have at the start of living in the Netherlands will eventually become clear to you.


  • 2 hours a week Dutch lessons
  • 2 monthly sporting events
  • 1 monthly self awareness
  • 1 monthly formal information sessions

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Our community Care4Talents is open for internationals that have recently moved to the Netherlands and would like to learn Dutch, meet people and understand the Dutch culture. Care4Talents is open to every international, even if you are not an employee of HighTechTalents. Join us if you are interested!

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Kind words from people who took the leap

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HighTechTalents has done great for me. Since the first contact until even now that I am working the Netherlands, they help me a lot in the most different situations.

Matheus de Paula Matheus de Paula Senior Project Lead

HighTechTalents is a great company with very professional people working there. They made my transition to the Netherlands super smooth. Highly recommended!

Cristian Levi Penhos Arias Cristian Levi Penhos Arias Senior Solution Engineer

I am very grateful for their help and guidance throughout this journey. Aside from just finding new positions and relocation, they really care about their 'Talents'.

Alper Gümüş Alper Gümüş Senior Software Designer

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